Trashless Takeaway Initiative

What is Trashless Takeaway?

Trashless Takeaway is an initiative that is striving to create an ecosystem in which the consumers are made more aware of their carbon footprint through their use of plastic food containers. It is a self-funded project by husband and wife team Kim and Nyssa, based in Tasmania. For more information please visit their website:

Are there any discounts when I bring my container(s)?

We are looking at ways to incentivize this initiative but we currently do not offer any discounts for customers who bring in their own containers. Other than your positive impact on the environment and community of course!

BYO container guidelines

If your takeaway order is small (1 to 3 dishes), we highly recommend you bring in your own container. If you're interested in bringing in your own container please follow these 3 guidelines: 1. Appropriate in size - please make sure your container is the appropriate size for your order. Our standard takeaway container size for stir frys, curries and large rice is Volume: 500ml Length: 174mm Width: 120mm Hieght: 40mm 2. In good condition - please make sure your containers can be properly sealed with a lid and it is not damaged. 3. Clean - please make sure your containers are properly cleaned and free of any foreign material. Your container will be declined if it violates these guidelines.

Do I need to bring a container for each meal?

It is highly recommended that you bring a container for each meal e.g. a container for pad thai and seperate container for rice. We will avoid mixing dishes together but if you are interested in a combination takeaway such as half stir fry, half rice, that can be organized. Mixtures that we decline are: - Curries + stir frys - Curries + other curries - Curries + dry dishes Please talk to our staff if you are unsure when ordering and we will give you our recommendations.

Is it neccesary to bring my own container?

No not at all, but it is highly encouraged. We still stock plastic containers for situations where it is appropriate for use such as large orders, customer preference and unsuitable BYO containers.

What if my container is unsuitable for my order?

If your container is unsuitable for your order, we will notify you and store your order in our plastic takeaway containers.

Can I bring a mini container for sauces?

Definitely! That is highly encouraged. Since a lot of out entrees contain sauces, it would be highly appreciated if you bring your own mini container for the side sauces. If not, we will use our mini plastic containers.

Do you still use plastic bags?

Nope, not anymore!

How does it work if I order by phone?

When you order by phone your food will be safely stored until you arrive. Upon arrival you will hand your container to our staff and we will efficiently transfer your food into the container.